Lamb Tagine
Shoulder of lamb, tomato puree, water, onion, root ginger, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, dates, apricots, honey, garlic, S&P, cous cous.


Please note that our kitchens are small and whilst every care has been taken when preparing these meals, we do regularly use many allergens, including but not limited to nuts, dairy products, soya and gluten.


Cooking Instructions:

All our ready meals are freshly made and frozen on the same day.  All dishes have been cooked through and only need to be reheated.  We suggest ….

Cook from frozen
Remove the top layer of film, or lid
Place the black carton or silver foil onto a baking sheet
Place in a pre heated oven at approx 150®C

Timings:           Small –             approx 15-20 mins
                        Medium           approx 20- 40 mins
                        Large                aprroc 50 – 70 mins


Then turn the oven up to 180®C

                        Small                extra 5mins
                        Medium           extra 10 mins
                        Large                extra 15 mins


To check that the product is hot – remove from the oven, insert a knife into the center for 30 secs.  Remove and touch the knife blade to the inside of the wrist.  This should be hot to the touch.  The sauce should be bubbling around the edges of the dish.


If cooking from defrosted we suggest halving the timing suggestions.

Please note that as all ovens vary slightly we can only suggest approximate cooking times.

Unfortunately to date we can only source unrecyclable plastic containers for our ready meals.  However our suppliers are working hard to make these recyclable at a reasonable price and we shall switch over as soon as this occurs.

Lamb Tagine (Frozen) Ready Meal