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Unwrap a Culinary Delight: Deli Hampers for Food Lovers

The present buying season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by giving the gift of gastronomic delight? At Malton Relish, we believe that a well-curated deli basket is the perfect present for the food lover in your life. Whether it's a cherished friend, a beloved family member, or a valued colleague, our deli hampers are crafted to indulge their taste buds and elevate their culinary experience. Let's explore the art of gifting with our exquisite Deli Hampers for Food Lovers. Hamper 1 The Great Taste Awards Combo For those who appreciate a winning combination of flavours and textures, our Great Taste Award Hamper is a symphony of taste. Starting with our 2 star pudding, choose either a 1lb or 2lb creation. Already steamed for 6hrs all that is required is a ping in the microwave, and lets dace it by that time of the days celebrations the cook is ready to ease off. Adding our 1 star fruit cake, which beat off the competition from over 800 other entries. Again a choice of sizes, we all know someone who loves or hates a fruit cake but rest assured it will last until next Easter if given the chance. Nest we add Staal Smoked Salmon, also a worthy winner of a Great Taste Award star. The 200g packet is about 4 slices, the whole side is about 900g so almost 5 times the amount - great for popping into the freezer for New Years Eve Party. And lastly offering a Game Pie from our local butchers Nesfield and Pearcy, having tasted one of theirs last year I've hung up my apron strings on this item, theirs is truly delicious. Hamper 2. The Cheese Lovers Hamper Option 1 The ultimate cheese hamper £90 This will include at least 6 types of cheese - the best of the best - and will include as wide a range of styles and milks as possible. It will also include sticky fig chutney, truffle honey, quince paste, yorkshire butter and 3 types of biscuits. Everything you need for the ultimate cheese board to feed 10+ guests. Option 2 "Keeping it Local" £50 This hamper will include at least four local cheeses. These could be Yorkshire Blue, Wensleydale, Ribbelsdale Goats, Barncliffe Brie or many more. It will also include one packet of biscuits, a pack of Yorkshire butter and a jar of our homemade chutney. All you need for an indulgent weekend cheese gift. Hamper 3. The Best of Showcasing the best that Yorkshire has to offer and including products from further a field that we felt couldn't be left out. If you could walk around the deli yourself these are the items that would jump from the shelves into your basket. We are very proud of our countryside roots here at Relish. being great friends with many local farmers we really wanted to shout from the roof tops about the quality of these British products. Hamper 4. No oven required Take your loved one out of the kitchen for an evening! Sometimes its nice to be spolit without having to crank up the oven. Here is our offering of all things truly scrumptious that wont require you to do more that lift a lid and pull a cork. From specialty cheeses and charcuterie to exotic condiments and infused oils, it's a gourmet exploration for the adventurous palate. Hamper 7. Christmas Eve Supper Designed for those who appreciate the perfect pairing of food and wine. If tomorrow brings the chaos of the extended family coming over to yours and the kitchen is ankle deep in potato peelings and sprouts then its time to indulge and switch off and take a couple of hours to savour some simply delicious nibbles created by us for you. Hamper 6. Wine When you really want your pals to party. Or perhaps you would just like to restock your own supplies. We can now send our wines by courier too! We've chosen 3 reds and 3 whites that we think will be great this winter.


Doppio Passo Primitivo

A bold and powerful red. Fresh and aromatic with an amazing concentration of plum, blackberry, cherry & chocolate flavours. Great with cheese and a good alternative to port.

Sinfonia Tempranillo

A bright and vibrant wine with strawberries and blackcurrants on the nose. Pais well with Turkey or Lamb.

Las Ninas Mapuche

Vibrant and purple a complex blend tasting of ripe fruit, chocolate & spices. Well structured and elegant.


La Petite Perriere

The famous "poor mans sancerre". This is a beautiful, crisp appley wine, with hints of gooseberry and blossom. From just outside the sancerre appleation this is a fantastic wine at half the price.

The Cloud Factory Sauvignon Blanc

This is a classic NZ wine showcasing just how brilliant they are at creating a fresh, clean and crisp wine that goes so well with canapes and fish.

Unwooded Chardonnay Bon Courage Estate

Nothing like those dreadfull oaked chardonnays of the 1990's! This beautiful wine has tropical tones with orange peel and melon notes. Slightly sweeter than the crisp fresh ones above but still clean and fresh with a zesty finish. If you like a white wine with the Turkey, you wont be dissapointed with this one.

Each bottle comes wrapped in crinkle cardboard and is double cased in good sturdy boxes so they shouldn't get broken in transit!

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