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Welcome to the New Website!

Welcome to the new website! I’m so pleased to have had this opportunity to create it, although I must admit right at the beginning here - it has been done with a lot of help! It’s hard to remain positive through these trying times but good things will come, we just have to perceiver.

Lots of new ideas are now available through the website.

Catering –

Whilst we cannot come to your home to cook for you we can still provide you with delicious food which only requires the barest of cooking and preparation from you.

1) Take “the Stress” Away Menus are once again available please place orders by Wednesday 4pm for the following weekend. And of course anything can be bought from the shop to add to this delivery. Loaves of bread, bacon sausages, milk etc.

2) Everything but the Roast is available for Weekend treats. Again please order by 4pm on Wednesdays. My original idea was to offer this for the Rule of 6 but that's no longer possible so it shall now be available for multiples of 2. It’s important to make sure that everyone still gets to eat good food even if feeling a little bit down, or unable to get out and about. Extras can always be added to this. We have an amazing new butcher supplying us, Radfords of Sleights. So we now offer beautiful stuffed & boned chickens, stuffed pork fillets, amazing beef short ribs and lots more. If you know what you want we can order it in for you; again, orders need to be in by 4pm on the Wednesday for collection or delivery on the Friday or Saturday.

3) Christmas!

Christmas veggies are available to be ordered, Everything but the Turkey. The Cut off point for orders will be Friday 18th December. Once again this year we are also offering Geese, Ducks & Capons available from Loose Birds, but no Turkeys; sadly Paul was badly beaten by thieves two winters ago who were stealing turkeys early in December. He has rightly decided that his health and welfare need to be the priority. If ever there was a year to try something different then this is the year to try a Goose. One large goose will feed 6/7, they have an enormous rib cavity so don't panic! . And we are happy to help with cooking instructions if this is your first time cooking Goose.

We are also offering a full Christmas Dinner for 1. If you know of anyone that might be on their own this year for Christmas it could be the perfect gift! Everything will be included in the box. Including an individual sized Figgy pudding, a few canapé sized mince pies and a little Christmas cake, iced and decorated. Everything will be freshly made and fully cooked so it can just be warmed through in the oven. There’s nothing to you buying extra and putting them in the freezer and having a fabulous roast meal once a week through January!

4) Hampers

All the hampers, plus Christmas Cakes and Figgy Puddings are now available as mail order. Postage had become an expensive thing through lockdown so we have decided to ask for a £6 flat fee towards the cost (usually about £11). The highlands and Islands are included in this price bracket however we cannot guarantee next day delivery for obvious reasons! So please, if your wanting to send a gorgeous cheese hamper to the Isle of Skye do so with plenty of time. Everything will be carefully packed with tissue, straw and ice blocks. Collection and Delivery is also available, and as ever we are more than happy to create bespoke hampers with a couple of hours notice.

5) Shop

The full shop, including Christmas products will eventually be available online. Its a bit of a work in progress as you can imagine to get all the products from the shelves photographed and uploaded but we have made a good start and can continue from here.

So - happy browsing, I hope you like what we have done and please poop into the shop if you’re in town. Its always great to see a friendly face.

Stay safe Soph x

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The website looks great Sophie!

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